How to Increase or Decrease the Size of Static Partition in Linux Operating System

Attaching Virtual hard disk on Virtual OS

1. Creating a Virtual Hard Disk On Virtual machine

2. Attaching Virtual HardDisk to the Virtual OS.

select the HardDisk and click on choose

Use the following command to know your hard Disks has been connected successfully.

Creating Static Partition And Mounting To A Folder

→ Create a partition on Hard disk

→ list the Disk

→ Format the Partition

→ Mount the partion

Increasing the Size of Static Partition

To increase the partition size you need to delete old partion and create new partition.

→ Unmount the partition first

→ Delete the partion

→ Create New partition an remove old signature during creation

It is asking to remove old signature because I put the data in hard disk and I deleted the partition. It is usefull to recover data back.

→ Now, we need to repair Inode table

→ Format the part of partion in which data is not present.

→ Mount the partition

Now see our data is already present in new partition.

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